TeamIsotope and OpenMechanics

The actually good logo.

Hi. I’ve had a problem in developing OpenMechanics and some of my other mods. It’s taken way too long to make mods. OpenMechanics (or TechExpansion back in the day) was originally a collaboration with my friend ‘paparuski’, but he ended up leaving the team, his last commit on November 21, 2015. TechExpansion was kind of doomed for a few years; I was barely contributing to it, and it’s been hard to find time to work on it now. That’s why I’m accepting people for TeamIsotope. If you would like to join, please join the TeamIsotope Discord and go to the #team-apps channel for more information.

The VERY BAD original TechExpansion logo. I’m glad I switched.

Also, OpenMechanics (and Crystalline) aren’t dead. Don’t worry, an alpha version of OpenMechanics will come out soon.


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