Hello everybody! In this post, I will be announcing the upcoming release of my new Minecraft mod, Crystalline! (release date TBD, ≈ July 4th [Happy Independence Day, U.S. readers!])

So what is Crystalline?

This is a quote from the CurseForge page for the mod:

Crystalline is an open source Minecraft mod that adds crystals that give you special powers. But caution: if you use the crystals too much, you may want to question your sanity.


This is not “yet-another-annoying-crystal-mod-created-using-MCreator” (I’ve seen a lot of those, trust me! And I used to make those when I was a noob programmer)

Here is a list of what the mod will be able to do in its final release:

  • The crystals in this mod can grant you powerful abilities
  • Insanity from overuse of crystals in this mod can change how you play the game
  • Mysterious books containing runes and glyphs may appear in your world
  • Magical reagents can help you create artificial crystals with different abilities

This mod is an open source mod, and you are free to use it in any modpacks (Here is the license if you are wondering about it). If you find any problems, bugs, or features you think would be cool, please make an issue on GitHub. Also, if you like this mod or any of my other mods, feel free to donate on Patreon to help me to keep making mods.

Well, that ends this post out of “many” I post “regularly”.

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