Scrap eV, I’m using RF

If you may know, I’m the developer of TechExpansion (not to be confused with Tech Expansion). You may also know that I was working on an API for it that uses “eV”, which is 1 Mekanism Joule equivalent. The progress of that¬†sadly has come to an end. I found out that CoFH’s CoFHLib which includes an RF API,¬†and that has code (source only, will be bundled) for 1.9, and 1.9 is almost identical as 1.10 for modding. Also, if you have heard of “Engineer’s Toolbox”, for now, I am going to make TE machines similar to Engineer’s Toolbox machines, minus the modules. I will be updating to 1.11 as soon as I can, but that may make me drop support for 1.8.9 to keep from being to overwhelmed on creating mods.


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